Deborah Roberts | Designer | SilvaeSILVAE is a clothing line for modern women of subtlety and substance.

Designed and meticulously constructed in Seattle, Washington, SILVAE fuses versatility and ease of movement with artfully unusual details.  The result is both avant-garde and approachable, translating the depth and complex interiority of its wearers into the language of the surface.  The clever use of distinctive, sustainably-sourced textiles is SILVAE’s signature.

SILVAE (Latin for “of the woods”) is designed by Deborah Roberts, a third-generation Pacific Northwesterner.  Her design sensibility reflects Seattle’s understated dynamism, dramatic natural landscape, and swirling 21st-century modernity.  Roberts recently teamed with fellow Seattle native Faris Du Graf (FARIS) to found RIZOM, a designer-owned retail community that features women’s clothing and accessories, art, and printed matter.


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